Saturday, February 05, 2005

A few frequently asked questions

What should I sell online?

I usually answer this question by saying that you should sell what you know. You have to choose something that you enjoy enough and that you will have a passion for. Choose something that will sustain your interest which will help you maintain and perservier as you build your online selling activities.

What is the best format to sell under?

By format this question is asking should you sell on auction sites, are should you sell as fixed priced sites. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But for the most part auctions allow you to sell items and move items quickly. There is also the advantage of the price having the ability to rise to the level that the market is willing to pay. Both of these features of auctions also can be disadvantages, if you do not sell an item that is placed up for auction, you still have to pay fees. And if you auction something that is readily available in the market the price will be low.

With a fixed price item, you loose the fun aspect that comes with auctions, but you get to set the price for your item and this allows for better planing and other typical selling activity.

Is XYZ auction site better than ABC auction site?

I intend to review many of the common auction sites and other kinds of online selling sites. But to answer this question requires a lot of research. As a seller you probably have some goals, skills and other things that you bring to the table. For the most part your personality and skills will determine what you get out of most sites.

And to be sure there are many. So if you really enjoy selling online there is a site that fits you.

Can you get rich form selling online?

Like many endeavors it is possible to make large sums of money selling items online. But it is not easy to do this. Most selling sites have some type of structured or tiered membership program that identifies members who sell at certain levels. Most of these levels are really more about the amount of money that the seller sells at the auction site than it is about the amount of income that the member makes.

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