Friday, April 29, 2005

Popular items for the Online Seller Pt. 1.

One of the most difficult decisions to make when selling online is to figure out just what is popular and what you should be selling. There are several variables that will determine what are the best items for you to sell.

Popularity is one of them. By popularity I mean that a large number of buyers want to to purchase an item. As an online seller it is a good idea to know how to determine what is popular at the various online auction web sites.

So this post is written with the thought of giving the begining seller some ideas about how to find the most popular items to sell.

One good place to find out what items are popular is the auction sites themselves. Most of the popular auction sites have a page or two devoted to telling you what are the most popular or best selling items on that site. This information is invaluable.

1. has an updated list of their most popular items. Which is updated hourly.

2. has a link to their hot items on their home page.

By following that link you will find their down loadable Hot items by catagory pdf.

And a link to the eBay Pulse, a daily snapshot of the eBay marketplace. You can use this link to gleen what items sell well on eBay. It allows you to track trends, and make hot picks, including: top searches, most watched items, and little known eBay facts.

Another feature that eBay has is that you can look at completed auctions. The information that can be obtained from completed auctions is not only how poplular an item was but you get to see the price that the item sold for which is an indication of how valuable the item is. If you note a lot of completed auctions for a paricular item with no bids, it is a good bet that the item is not very popular, on the other hand if you note during your search that a particular item gets many multiple bids, it is a good bet that this item is popular.

One other way to find out what's popular to sell on line is to ask other sellers. Most online auction sites have a community forum or some other way for members to communicate with each other. These forums are a wealth of knowledge and can provide you with lots of information.

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