Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Amazon Sellers Best Practices

As a student of "OnLine Selling" or to be more technical about it eCommerce, I am always on the look out for sources of information that I can write about and also learn from.

In past post I have stated that I think it is a good idea to look at the information that is provided on the various sites that are out there. I think that much of the information that is provided on some sites can be applied to all the sites that you sell on.

So I'd like to provide you with a link that I think you can use no matter what "online selling site" you use. Amazon Marketplace Seller Best Practices is a great resource for any online seller.

It covers;
    Finding Answers Quickly
    Listing Items and Inventory Management
    Order Management
    Customer Service
While the information is aimed at the Amazon seller. Most of it can be applied to any selling site. And with a little imagination you can get some great ideas about how to make all your online selling activities run smoother.

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