Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why Baseball Cards Have Lost Their Value

In an article on baseball card collecting's Dave Jamieson gives an explanation of how the value of baseball cards have plummeted over the years. I think there are some explanations in this article of how other collectibles have also lost their values to collectors.

I also think these kinds of things are cyclic and the lower the value of Baseball cards becomes the more valuable they may become for future collectors.

Requiem for a Rookie Card: How Baseball Cards Lost Their Luster

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Gardenia said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, fitzgerald. I find you have lots of blogs - that will keep me busy - I favorite placed the ebay blog - lots & lots & lots of good info! My hubby did baseball cards for years - he should have hung on to them - traded some for some paintings I liked. But now he's getting back in with a grandson - this will be interest to him also.

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This article is good and informative.

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