Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mashable Blog on the Power Seller Boycott

Mashable has in interesting article concerning the eBay Power Seller Boycott. According to the article written by Mark Hopkins

It was widely reported that the decrease in sales and listings reached a measurable percentage for the week - 3%. The problem with this measureable percentage was that it coincided with a week containing a national American holiday, and thus was easily explainable to be partly due to that, instead of the strikage by the top sellers. Several Mashable tipsters sent us an article the other day in the USA Today saying that the decrease in listings had reached lowered levels of 13%, or down to 13 million items.

The article questions if the effects are caused by the holiday week, or if the boycott is really making a difference. According to this article the boycott has been extended to March 9th.

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