Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eBay says No more confirmed addresses with PayPal

According to an email that I just received, eBay is doing away with the requirements for confirmed addresses with PayPal.

From the email;

Selling is now safer and easier on eBay with PayPal

PowerSellers like you asked us to improve our seller protection measures. You told us confirmed addresses sometimes kept buyers from buying, and that annual coverage limits weren't high enough.

So we listened, and eliminated them both. Then we added coverage for buyers in 190 countries--and now you're invited to try it out. The new measures include the same coverage as the Seller Protection Policy, PLUS:
  • No more confirmed addresses: Makes it easier for people to buy from you
  • No more annual coverage limits: Don't sweat it... you're covered
  • Coverage in more places around the world: Take payments confidently from buyers in 190 countries
I'm not sure that I like this. I personally have had problems with buyers who did not know that their PayPal address was different from their eBay address. The confirmed addresses allowed for a check and gave the seller a chance to make sure they were shipping to the correct address.

I wonder if this is going to cause more items to be shipped to the wrong address?

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