Thursday, July 03, 2008

In this Economy Online Shopping is the Way to go.

In this economy where;
  • Gas prices are on the rise.

  • Housing cost are going up.

  • Credit is difficult to get.

  • Job losses are on the rise.

Shopping on line is the way to go. It will save on gas and some of the other cost of shopping at brick and mortar stores.

The real good news, is that the number of places that you can shop on line is at an all time high. The purpose of this post is to give those interested in saving money a list of options from shopping on line.

Two of my favorite places to shop online are eBay and Between these two online shopping sites most of your electronics, books, video game, and other entertainment needs can be fullfilled.

Some of the most popular eBay catagories that can also save you money by allowing you to buy from the comfort of your home are;

Car, boats, vehicles and parts

Cellphones and PDAs


Computers & Networking

Consumer Elcectonics

DVDs and Movies


Real Estate

Sporting Goods

Toys and Hobbies


Video Games also sells much more than books and CDs. Below you will find various departments that can save you money by reducing your cost of shopping. One of the most interesting areas is their Grocery, Health and Beauty departments;


Movies & TV

Video Games

MP3 Downloads

Computers & PC Hardware


Home Improvement


Toys & Game

Baby Store

Apparel & Accessories

Sports & Outdoors

Power Tools is offering customers to save an extra 15% plus get automatic reorders and free shipping on items they use frequently, including coffee, shampoo, and laundry detergent, when they order through Amazon's new Subscribe & Save program. Click link to learn more about the program.


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I totally agree, shop online save gas!

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