Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ten Niche Items That You Could Be Selling Online

I get a lot of questions from sellers wanting to know what they should be selling. Two good places to find the best things to sell are eBay and

Both of these sites are giants in the online retelling world. You can buy wholesale and in quantity on both eBay and

What follows are ten niches that you could be selling right now;
  • 1. Cellphones - Cellphones are the number one consumer electronics item out there. They are bought and sold world wide and even children own cellphones.

  • 2. Bluetooth headsets - With the recent increase of laws making hands free driving a must, bluetooths will only continue to be popular.

  • 3. Bike Frames - The profit margins on bikes will surprise you. Go to eBay and look at what bikes are being sold for.

  • 4. Military Collectibles - Military collectibles is an area that has a long and interesting history. These collectibles go all the way back to the beginning of the last centry.

  • 5. MP3 players (iPods) - Mp3 players are also one of the must haves for the average consumer of electronics. The demand for the new models ensures that this niche will be popular for years to come.

  • 6. Autos - Autos like cellphones is an area of sells where everyone can be your customer, because almost everyone has an auto. So the ability to sell makes this an area that if you are a serious seller you will want to consider.

  • 7. Entertainment Memorabilia - Entertainment memorabilia is an area that resist down turns in the economy and other glitches that cause other niches to loose their popularity. Even during down turns we need to escape into the world of entertainment. This makes this area of sells very attractive.

  • 8. Sports Gear (Golf, football, basketball, soccer) - Like entertainment, sports is an area of escape. And even when we cut back in other areas we still need the escape and inspiration that sports offer. Not to mention the health benefits of using sports gear.

  • 9. Blue ray DVDs - Blue Ray DVDs are also a new area that if you start selling you can expect that there will be years of stable sales growth. This is one of the features that all online sellers should be looking for.

  • 10. Video Games - Video games like cellphones, blue ray dvds and other consumer electronics are growing a rate that offers a very good chance to generate a stable income into the future.

The above list contains items that will give you a good profit margin and allow you to make money. I also hope that it makes you think about what niches that you come up with yourself. The whole point of this post is to get online sellers to think about what they themselves like to sell and what items have to potential to generate the best sells for them.


mike1144 said...

very good post.
thanks for sharing it with us:)

Dan said...

Great post...I can help you find some of those niche items if you are willing to check out my blog. I have sold on eBay for years. People love the interesting finds on eBay as do I.

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