Thursday, February 10, 2005

Naming rights up for auction.

Did you hear about this one? Your Name Here: Boston Arena Naming Rights on EBay

Do you think Online Seller Tips would make a good name for the Boston Arena? Well I don't have the money, and I guess that goes with out saying. I wonder how high the bidding will go?

Check it out here on eBay


Tip of the Day - Know and understand the various selling formats that the different selling sites have. For example on eBay you can sell items via auctions, buy it now, fixed priced and as store inventory. On iOffer you can set a price or you can ask the buyer to offer you their best price. Amazon has Z shops, auctions and a market place.

You would be surprised how many people who sell on one of these sites or the other and do not understand all the selling options. What ever selling site you choose know all of its features. This will help you be a better seller.

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