Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A quick rundown and a few articles

Right now over at the Free Auction Scripts site there are a few questions being asked and answered. Someone asked how do I see all my items up for auction and what is listed on Amazon.

Brief Answer. Use the my accounts button at the top of the page this will take you to the my accounts page and on the right hand side of the page is a box that allows access to your Auctions, zShops, and Marketplace items.

Click here to check it out >> Amazon My Account Page

A major discussion is also going on over there about WagglePop one of the new and up and coming auction sites that are out there. I really intend to write a little something about them. And hopefully I will be able to get around to it.

Here is a CNN money article that ask the question, Are eBay and Amazon swimming naked? Kind of an interesting take on the stocks of these two auction houses., Inc. [OSTK] Chairman & President to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell. This article has some good information on

And this one caught my eye Amazon invests in blogging site. Who knows maybe soon we will all have a blog on Amazon as well.

Tip of the day - Know and understand the search functions of any site that you plan selling on. Go to the site and try to locate the item that you are selling. Look at how the other sellers at this site present their items. Note how easy or difficult it is to find the item that you are looking for.

Understanding the search function of a site will make you a better seller.

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