Friday, March 18, 2005

Resources for the Online Seller who is a Webmaster

Not all Online Sellers use the many auction sites and other online selling venues. Some brave souls have their own web site and do e-commerce by the seat of their pants.

If you are one of those types or if you have always wanted to be one of those types then this post is just for you. I want to provide you with a list of tools and resources that can help you maintain your own web site. So put your Webmaster hat on and check these out.

Website Design

Website Design for Beginners

Webmaster Reference Library

How to Make Pop Ups

Free Animations and More

Free Graphics and Fonts

HTML Tutorials and Examples


HTML at Webmonkey

Learning HTML

HTML Tutorials and Examples

Lissa Explains: Basic HTML tutorial

HTML Practice Boards

HTML Practice board

Draac's HTML and Java Tester

CSS Tutorials and Information

W3School's CSS Tutorial CSS Layout Techniques

Javascript Information Java Scripts

These few tools should be more than enough to get the begining Webmaster started. And there may be a few here that will even help out those who have more experience.


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