Monday, April 18, 2005

Hip Hop star Nelly to Auction Cars for Leukaemia

Rap musician Nelly is auctioning off two Pimp Juice promotional vehicles to support the fight against leukaemia.

The Hip-hop star named an energy drink after his hit track Pimp Juice, has joined with a Jeep dealer in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri to put the vehicles up for sale on auction website eBay, according to

Revenue raised by the sale of the vehicles will go to supporting the Jes Us 4 Jackie organisation, which Nelly founded with his late sister, Jackie.

The winning bidder will also pick up 20 cases of Pimp Juice, a plaque of authenticity and an autographed picture of Nelly with the vehicle.

Nelly's sister who passed away on 24 March 2005 from leukaemia, founded Jes Us 4 Jackie with Nelly to promote the participation of African-Americans in donor registration programs.

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