Thursday, June 23, 2005

Latest News from the On Line Sellers World

EBay bids for harmony Big convention hopes to win over exasperated ...

Some news form eBays convention. to Undergo a Customer Focused Redesign will listen to customers’ wants and needs by implementing a customer survey and usability study. The results of this study will be analyzed and implemented in a total redesign effort to improve usability and online conversion of visitors into customers.

Overstock Auctions to use Sellathon as its Default Hit Counter ... today announced an integration partnership with Sellathon to provide sellers on Overstock Auctions with free access to ViewTracker, Sellathon's ...

More Online Sellers Go It Alone

This article is a must read for ever online seller.

Setting up an online store is so easy these days that sellers needn't rely on eBay as a source of customers. Advertising is simple and inexpensive, thanks to new technology from companies such as Google Inc. And multiple competitors, including Amazon and Yahoo, are pulling once-loyal eBay sellers into their orbit.

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