Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Information Sources for the Online Seller

One of the difficulties of selling online is gathering good information. In today's post I want to suggest a couple of online and free resources that may help you gather information that can make you a more successful seller.

What kind of information might you need. As a seller you might need to know the following;
  • 1. Breaking news regarding your suppliers or other business partners.
  • 2. Breaking news about your competition.
  • 3. News about ecommerce sites. Such as eBay,, iOffer, and other auction sites.
  • 4. News regarding the products that you sell. As in news about military collectibles, or books, jewelry.
  • 5. There really are no limits to the information that you may find useful and that you can collect on the web.

One way to help gather news and information is to automate the information collection process.

You can automate the search process by using the alert feature of most of the popular search engines. The search engines can bring you news and information from web sites as well.

Google alerts

You may not have considered that as an online seller there are quite a few tools to help you gather information no matter what your interest are, or what it is that you sell. What ever it is that you sell, you can set up a Google alert to bring information about that topic right to your inbox.

You can read all about Google Alerts here in the Google Alerts FAQ.

MSN alerts

MSN Alerts is a another free service that notifies you of time-sensitive events and information from sources within MSN such as MSNBC, MSN Autos,, and MSN Money. You can receive alerts on your computer via MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger, your e-mail inbox, your mobile device, or all three. It's up to you.

Click here to go to the MSN alerts home page.

So I reccomend that you give automated data collection a try by using search engine alerts.

As I was typing this up it occurred to me that you could possible create a special email account just to keep all you alerts in if you wanted to be more organized about it.

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