Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Online Seller Tips - Shipping

The recent increase in postal rates gives the online seller a chance to review his or her shipping policies. You can see the rates here, New USPS Domestic Rates.

Keeping up with the latest and greatest tips and tricks of shipping is hard work, due to the changes in the many options offered by shipping companies. Over the years I have collected resources to answer most of my questions and to solve my shipping problems. In today's post I want to share my updated collection of tips, tricks and resources for shipping.

Online Sites About Shipping.

There is so much information online about Shipping that you really do need to go to the specific services web site to learn their latest and greatest policies. The United States Postal Service (USPS), for example, has many policies that change from year to year. So anyone who uses their services needs to be familiar with their web site and the information they can find there. The same is true for other Online Shipping sites.


Blogs that address shipping;

Fast Pack Blog - Regularly update blog of a shipping materials supplier.

Article How to Ship Anything - Very interesting article that addresses shipping issues.

Auction Site Shipping Centers;

Auction Bytes News Letter Shipping Resources.

Auction Bytes Shipping Forum - Forum devoted to Shipping issues.

eBay Shipping Center - Many links to various shipping resources.'s Shipping Center -'s Shipping Center help section.

Shipping Calculators

eBay Shipping Calculator

USPS Postage Rate Calculator

UPS Rate Calculator

Tracking Your Packages

PackageMapper.Com - Package Mapper shows you a map of your FedEx, UPS, USPS package routes. Enter a carrier and a tracking number to see your package's progress plotted on the map. Sign in to enter a list of packages and see their current locations on a table or map.

UPS.Com's Tracking Center - Enter the tracking numbers of your packages and get tracking information. Phone: 1-800-742-5877

US Postal Service Priority Mail Tracking - Track the shipments to your customers or provide them with this link so they can track their own shipments.

DHL Worldwide Express Tracking - Phone: 1-800-225-5345 (U.S. customers only)

Fedex Tracking Info

Google's Tracking Numbers Info - Parcel tracking IDs and other specialized numbers can be entered into Google's search box for quick access to information about them. For example, typing a FedEx, UPS, or USPS tracking number will return the latest information on your package. See the below examples:

UPS tracking numbers example search: "1Z9999W99999999999"
FedEx tracking numbers example search: "999999999999"
USPS tracking numbers example search: "9999 9999 9999 9999 9999 99" Tracking Info Page. - A list of tracking resources for various shipping organizations.

Finding Shipping Supplies Online Shipping Material Suppliers.

USPS Online Store.

UPS Packaging Materials Fulfillment Resource Guide. - A directory of fulfillment businesses.

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