Sunday, January 15, 2006

Online Seller Tips - Images / Photography

One of the basic skills that every online seller needs is the ability to deal with the images of the items that you sell. A part of good customer service is communicating to your customers with photographs and images that accurately reflect the quality, quantity and other characteristics of what you sell.

Often the seller who has the best presentation, that answers most of the buyers questions, will get the sell. So in an attempt to collect links to tips, tricks and tools for taking pictures, manipulating images, and the policies of the various auction sites the following links are offered.

I have been collecting these links for a while and wanted to share them with you all. I keep this list updated and will from time to time repost this.

The various auction sites have different policies when it comes to putting your images online.

eBay - eBay has many links that give some great tips for the online seller for taking photos. It does not matter which site you sell your items on, you can probably learn something by taking a look at the links below.

eBay Community Help Boards Photos/HTML

Camera Jim's Me Page. Workshops And Many Tips

Jim's Photo Help

Camera To Your Auction

Photographing People

Using a Light Tent

The Slave Flash Unit

Controlling Reflections with a Filter

Using Portrait Techniques for Auction Pictures

Strategies for Photographing Large Items

Photographing Larger Items(2)

Fine-Tuning Your Lighting

Assembling Your Photography Space

Clear Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Basic Equipment

Lighting Your Items

Practical eBay Photography: Part I

Practical eBay Photography: Part II

eBay Picture Manager

Photo Hosting & Management

eBay Picture Tutorial

Auction Bytes

Auction Bytes Photo Tips

------------------ Image Guide Lines Using Images in Auctions Guide Lines


Yahoo Auction Photo Tips


Help and Support Board
Get help from our friendly community members and get the most out of iOffer. (html, images, item descriptions, site features)


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5.9% said...

Daniel said...

Wow! That's a fantastic array of links with really good advice. People often underestimate the marketing power of good pictures.

I'm an online auctioneer and also an amateur photographer. In my experience, the best way to hone your photo skills is through practice and sharing. There are a number of online photography communities (flickr) where people share their work and critique one another. They're great places to help yourself by sharing with others.

P.S. The blog isn't playing well with firefox...