Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Don't Do This...

Don't Do This.....

Here is how not to create a blog on a free blog service. The poster of this blog entry called spammers "Cockroaches". She is frustrated that someone is using this blogging platform to do advertising. They are using scripts and other tricks to redirect visitors to these blogs.

I recommend that online sellers use the free blogging platforms to promote their online stores. I do this myself, it is a low cost effective way to market your online selling activities. But you also have to remember that the others who use these services are not there to promote commercial activities, and they can be offended by a heavy-handed marketing approach.

Some online sellers and affiliate marketers think that it is OK to spam the free blogging sites. Some sellers put their marketing blogs on these sites in an attempt to trick and defraud users. Be very careful when creating a blog to market your online sales. It is a fine line between good marketing and spamming.

More to come on this.

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