Thursday, March 23, 2006

Graphic Design Tips for the Online Seller.

If you sell online via one of the popular selling venues, i.e. eBay, Yahoo, OverStock or even iOffer. You may have a need for a graphic designer to help you build a credible store front.

Online Sellers can use graphic designers for;

  • Building their eBay stores.

  • Building their eBay about me pages.

  • Building their Yahoo store fronts.

  • Building their OverStock store fronts.

  • Building their auction templates.

  • Building their Blogs.

  • Building their web sites.

Specific task that designers can provide;
  • Create better navigation then provided by selling venue templates

  • Better product placement. Cross selling and linking and referring

  • Use of advanced image techniques
    - rotating photos
    - roll over enlargements
    - using anchor text and alt, title, & caption HTML tags

  • Improve page meta tag usage and other SEO advances

  • Stream line the code used to create your store

As an online seller you may have a need for any and all of the above services. Well where do you start. James Maguire of eCommerce has written a very interesting article that answers some of the questions that an online seller faces when choosing a good graphic designer. You can read his article Yahoo Storefront Design Tips - Part 1.

While this article address Yahoo store fronts I think that it provides information that can be used by any online seller looking for a graphics design company to help them give their online sells ventures a more professional look and feel.

One last idea that a graphics designer can help an online seller with is to give all of their various and fragmented sells efforts on different selling venues a common look and feel. Which will help in branding.

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lunatrix said...

Some excellent advise for online retailers. Graphic design is important
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Gardenia said...

are you a graphic designer also?