Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Example of What Sellers Have to Put Up With

A person on Yahoo Answers ask;

Ebay question....?.

I bought something off ebay like 10 mins ago I have already paid for it through paypal but I don't want it anymore because I don't really trust the seller. How do I get the Money put back into my account since it was only 10 mins ago and I know it hasn't been shiped or anything. Would I have to call paypal?


My answer;

It is always best to check the seller out very good before you buy.

When you buy an item on eBay you are entering a legal contract with the seller.

This will cause the seller problems because you have purchased the item and now decided that you no longer want it.

One of the problems you are causing them is now some of their inventory that they could have sold to some else has been taken off of eBay. Also they were charged fees to list this item, and will probably apply to eBay to get their fees back. And you will be labeled as a non-paying bidder.

If you do not trust a seller, then you should not buy from them.

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