Saturday, May 03, 2008

What On Line Sellers Are Up Against

I was over at Yahoo Answers answering questions for people that buy items online. I do this because buyers sometimes have some good questions that help me to become a better seller.

This one question showed just what sellers are up against. A person asked;

i won the bid for a cd that was 80 dollars not including shipping.
He has all positive feedback except one neutral one that says

"Sounds good, but might be a fake. Case looks dodgy. Still good :) thank you 6/10"

( thats for a different cd)

he's selling the same cd, that i won it has the same picture and description.
So i think it may be fake but im not sure.
I havent paid yet,
If the item really is fake can i get a refund?

2008 in the title even though the cd came out in 2006
but he isnt saying its new.

what should i do?
I answered;

You need to wait until you receive the item.

Then inspect it.

If there is a problem get back with the seller and let them know and give him/her a chance to either refund your money or send you what you bought.

If they do not satisfy you then you can start a dispute against them in paypal. If you win the dispute you will be given a full refund.

You can also leave negative feedback for the seller.


This shows the anxiety that some people have when buying items online. As a seller you have to do all that you can to help people understand that you are legitimate or they may start having buyers remorse prior to even receiving your item.

And as a buyer you should always do your due diligence prior to clicking the buy button. It is not very effective for you to start checking things out after you purchase the item.

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bygonedayviews said...

This also shows you, from the perspective of a seller, why it is not always the best idea to use "canned" product images from listing to listing. Thanks for the post!