Friday, June 27, 2008

A Tip for Buyers: Don't Overpay for Returns

I've been spending most of my time as of late trying to manage various online stores. But one tip that I have wanted to give buyers after noticing a problem with my online stores.

The Tip is: Don't over pay when shipping an item back for a return or exchange.

In our store we offer a no questions asked full money back guarantee with most items that we sell. And that means that we get our fair share of returns. But I have noticed that some buyers are returning items back to me using premium shipping services, such as priority mail and even registered mail.

I understand that you might be a little afraid that you are not going to get your refund, return or exchange but you have to consider the extra cost you might be running up.

So here is my guidance on shipping items back for return, refund or exchange.

  • - Make sure you understand who is paying return postage.

  • - Only use as many premium postage upgrades as needed.
    ie. if possible send the item first class as opposed to Priority mail.

  • - Always get tracking, but don't over do it. Deliver confirmation cost $0.45 at most while registered mail can cost as much as $15.00 extra if not more.

  • - Save the packing material that the item came in and reuse as much as you can.

If you follow these steps you will save either yourself or the seller some money. And in the case where you save the seller some money they may show their appreciation by giving you even better customer service.

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