Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book for Online Sellers; The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Here is a book with a long name, the full name of the book is; The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly.

In this book the author argues that the old rules of marketing have changed with the new media. As can be seen with what is happening with old media like newspapers, magazines, radio, and even TV, there are new opportunities for the new media formats like blogs, online news releases, podcasting viral marketing and other online media

The book takes the position that the transition from old media to new media is a good thing for online sellers who know how to use it. The new media offers more integrity and information that helps to produce quality content for less, as opposed to to the one-sided expensive old media marketing methods.

The book provides the technical novice a thoughtful and accessible guide to cutting-edge media arenas and formats such as RSS, vodcasts and viral marketing, without neglecting the fact that technological wizardry can't substitute for a well-thought out marketing program. It emphasizes fundamentals like defining one's audience.


David Meerman Scott said...

Fitzgerald, thanks for reviewing my book, I appreciate it. Glad that you found it compelling. Best, David Meerman Scott

Online marketing newbie said...

Looks good. Learning the ropes of how to market with the new media is very difficult - I'll check it out.

Fitzgerald said...

David, you are welcome and thanks for coming by to leave a comment. And thanks for writing a great book.

online marketing newbie, please do. I think it will give you some good ideas. said...

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Greg Mesaros said...

This book is currently being passed around my office. In fact, we ended up buying three copies. Social media marketing helps companies reach new buyers, promote their brand, lower their marketing costs, and advertise for free. This book is a great reference for companies looking to tap into social networking sites.

-Greg Mesaros, CEO of eWinWin

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